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Top 5 Traveling Tips For First Time Solo Travelers

SO…. Your’e ready to take your first SOLO trip huh? Often times people tell me, “Ebony, I want to travel BUT I am scared to travel by myself. After 4 years of solo traveling, I have mastered ways to become an EXPERT at solo traveling. Here are the top five ways to master solo traveling in a nutshell.

# 1


Google is your BEST FRIEND! Figure out where you are trying to go and where you want to stay. When booking your hotel, airbnb, hostel, whatever, DO YOUR RESEARCH. I always read reviews because I need to KNOW what THE PEOPLE are saying. See if your hotel or airbnb offer transportation. I am a huge fan of airbnb’s. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, you can find a beautiful airbnb stay for cheap and still have the best time of your life. I love to read positive comments left by other solo travelers because this shows me that the individual was comfortable staying there. I always reach out to the host if I have any questions or concerns.

Research the area: Are you staying in a touristy or local area? Do they use uber’s, taxi’s, or should you rent a car? If possible, book your accommodation in advance. Depending on where you stay, you can ask if they can send a driver to pick you up from the airport or any recommended shuttle service.

Phone service: I can’t stress this enough, ALWAYS call your phone company to see if your phone will have service or what kind of international plan they offer.

# 2


Itineraries vary from traveler to traveler. Some like to go with the flow, others like to take it day by day. Me? Well I like to plan ahead. I like to fill my itinerary with things to do. I usually leave a copy of my travel itinerary with a family member or friend so they know my where about’s. I like to start my activities early and end right before the sunset. Your excursions is the BEST way to meet people. Often times I meet other solo travelers or group travelers on my excursions. Use your itinerary as a opportunity to get to know people, exchange numbers, explore the night life together.

Met some cool people during one of my excursions in Colombia

# 3


Culture: Knowing the culture is truly important. Some countries have areas where you have to be mindful of what you wear while others are much more liberal. Do your research prior to going. Tailor your outfits based on your research and itinerary.

Learning how to tie my Bedouin scarf in Jordan

# 4


Ideally, you would hope that others speak your language but that is not always the case. I use Google Translator faithfully! Google translator became my bestfriend after using it during my first trip to Cuba. Remember, every country currency is not your currency. Currency Converter or Globe Converter is my “go to”. Whether you are traveling solo or as a group I strongly suggest you to download this app.

# 5


Facing your fear brings confidence! Solo traveling is an anxiety-driven yet exciting experience. Solo traveling can challenge you, make you think about decisions, become more independent, and feel more connected with yourself. Take a deep breath and go with the flow. Trust me, at the end of it all, you will feel so proud of yourself!

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