HEY, HEY, HEY It's Ya Virtual Travel Bestie!

I am here to help YOU become the better version of yourself. You may ask how? I mean….I would too, but thats why you landed here right? I am here to help YOU travel the world with self confidence.

Have you ever saw an AMAZING flight and couldn’t book it because you had no one to go with?

Have you ever planned a girls trip & boom all of your homegirls start dropping out like flies?

Yeah… Its happened to me too.. UNTIL I learned how to MASTER solo traveling in confidence and style!

It’s 2020 & it’s time to say see ya later to your friends and catch them flights!

You CAN sit down & wait OR your can learn how to build the confidence you need to jet set your solo journey!

Personal Growth: Build Self Confidence Through Solo Traveling 3 Week Coaching Program

What will you get? This coaching program is a three week preparation course where we will work together to help you build your confidence to book your very first solo trip.

This coaching program is super interactive, fun, and flexible! It is offered in individual or group sessions depending on your preference. Sessions are held once a week.

Online meetings are live and recorded, therefore, you will have full access to the session.

Your three week Self Confidence Building Program include:

Getting to know yourself, identifying fears, setting goals, and creating a personalized action plan that would meet your travel goals.

Applying Ebb’s favorite self confidence building tips into your everyday life.

Identifying safety tools needed by completing in class online activities

Learning my method to taking pictures while traveling solo

Weekly take home Q & A, self confidence building worksheets, & in class interactive coaching sessions.

At completion of the Self Confidence Building Program you will receive:

A FREE itinerary of a trip from any of my trips located on my blog site.!

Or lets plan a trip of your choice together when the time is right. Because you enrolled, you will receive 35% OFF your book a trip service fee with Travel With Ebb: Planning fee is usually $150 per person. For you it will be $97.50. We will take everything you learned in the three week course to create your ultimate solo trip! Don’t worry, your virtual travel bestie got you!


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Personal Growth: Building Self Confidence Coaching Program Group SessionPersonal Growth: Building Self Confidence Coaching Program Individual Session
One Time Payment: $297One Time Payment: $570
Join today for only $99 followed by two weekly payments of $99Join today for only $190 followed by two weekly payments of $190

Sweet Deal
*individual session include daily “check in’s” by me during your first solo trip

Next coaching class will start on 4/5/20. Limited Spots available. Additional instructions will be emailed to you along with scheduling times. Join Today!