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Last stop in the middle east! I flew from Israel to Egypt. A visa is needed to go to Egypt which I purchased at the airport. I stayed in a airbnb in Cairo where I was able to obtain a dope view of the pyramids from my jacuzzi. I then stayed at the Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa for the remainder of my trip. Egypt is pretty conservative. The women wore scarfs around their heads and long dresses. Although it is not much harm for tourists to dress as such, out of respect I wore long dresses and scarfs whenever I went out. During my stay, I visit the Egyptian pyramids and the Egyptian museum where I saw my first mummy in person! I flew to Luxor (45 minute flight) for a full day tour to the Valley of the Kings, and east & west banks of Luxor. I went during Ramadan. Cairo had food shops open for tourists to eat however, while in Luxor it was difficult for me to find food. I happened to stumble upon a hotel that served breakfast! (the breakfast was enough to fill me up for the most part of the day). The Muslims did not eat until sunset, thats where the rush came in for food, drinks, whatever they can get their hands on! They stayed up all night, listen to music, and ate a feast. The last night of Ramadan there was a huge celebration on the streets of Cairo. If you wanted to bring home a souvenir, Khan El- Khalili Bazaar aka The Bazaar is a huge street shopping center in Cairo. It is full of restaurants, clothes, hand bags, and beautiful jewelry that you can get for dirt cheap.