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There is absolutely NO other way to describe how I feel about TULUM!!

Tulum has been on my list for quite some time now. It was time for me to see what the hype was about sooooooo I decided to take a random trip. Tulum is a GREAT place to get away by yourself and enjoy the vibe that it brings you. I spent three days there and spent roughly under $800, including my round trip flight, beautiful airbnb, car rental, & food (which is super inexpensive in town). Tulum is a very small but unique part of Mexico divided by the Tulum beach road & town. It is full of solo travelers or travelers who ended up relocating permanently. I had no issues at all with significant language barrier as most people spoke english and the currency was pretty easy to calculate. My airbnb was about 15 minutes away from Tulum beach road. Although there are many ways to get to Tulum I thought it was best for me to rent a car for several reasons.

#1) I was there for a very short amount of time

#2) I has a whole list of what I wanted to and see & the best way to “up and go” when wanted to was by car.

#3) The rental route was super cheap . I spent $90 for my rental which is still a bit expensive for Tulum (I did not shop around at different car rentals ahead of time or at the airport). However, many have told me that the car rental can be much cheaper if you rent it in Tulum.

Tulum is about a hour and 30 minutes away from Cancun International Airport & the ONLY way to get there is by flying into Cancun and then driving about a hour and a half to two hours……..SOUNDS SCARY RIGHT?

I am not even going to lie, prior to planning this trip, I’ve heard a lot of “I wouldn’t suggest you to drive to Tulum” , “corrupted police can pull you over and take your money”, etc. When I got to cancun, I decided that in order for me to accomplish what I needed to in the matter of three days, I needed to drive. AND so I DID…..


Other ways you can get to Tulum is by private rental-highly suggested to book a head of time.

ADO bus: Keep in mind that although this is the cheapest option, you may have to transfer at playa de carmen for a bus that go to Tulum.

Shuttle: Can take anywhere from 2-3+ hours to arrive- Bus drops off and picks up passengers. Which can take anywhere from 2-3+ hours.

How I spent three days in TULUM

Day one:

Kin Toh

Kin Toh is a very popular place in Tulum. It is known for it’s jungle feeling and huge nests where you can watch the sunset. Its architecture is top notch! To watch the sunset on the nests alone, you have to pay $35, this covers a drink and your access to the nests. Doors open at 5:30-just in time for the sunset. In order to eat at one of the nests table in the sky the minimum you would have to spend is $1,000. $1,000 where? I decided to have some bomb fish tacos in town after the sunset instead.

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Nomade Tulum Mayan Ritual on the beach

I have this thing about connecting with other cultures and way of being. I stumbled across the Mayan Ritual which took place on the beach.

Party time: Gitano!!!! Well known party place along tulum beach road

Day two:

Spend the day at Tulum beach road capturing beautiful signs, visit a Ceenote, & the Blue Lagoon full of excitement!!

Party Time!!! Went out for Lea birthday who I met in Tulum. Solo traveler vibes.

Day three:

Tour to Chichen Itza

I couldn’t leave Mexico and NOT see one of the World Wonders!

Also, stop by Tulum beach road to check out Pablo Escobar’s Mansion

Day Four:

Road back home

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