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Along with my trip to Israel I took a day trip to Petra, Jordan. It was a four hour bus ride from Israel to Petra (the bus route was much cheaper than the plane). I woke up at 3 am, left from Israel around 7am and returned back to Israel at around 11pm. Petra’s treasury is one of the 7 world wonders that I’ve been dying to see in person. You must have a visa to enter Jordan regardless of the means of transportation. Upon arrival, they had the option to take the donkey ($10) or the horse ($25) to transport to the treasury but I walked instead (I mean why not burn a few calories). Boy, I was wrong, it was extremely hot! It is important to have a ton of water, which they do sell, there is a few food places in the area as well. In order to get dope pictures like I did you can ask one of the Jordanian kids to take you to the top where you can see a dope view of Petra’s treasury and they can take pictures of you. It was a pretty scary hike for about ($5). It is a MUST to wear sneakers, especially for the hike.

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