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I wanted to explore the middle east. First stop was Israel. Israel was beautiful! I stayed in a airbnb in Tel-aviv, closer to the beach which was a plus for me! My tours left from a nearby hotel in Tel-aviv to Nazareth, Jerusalem, Jericho/Palestine. Tel-aviv is not so much conservative as the other cities in Israel. Out of respect, I wore long dresses and covered up my arms during the tours. I went to visit the old city in Jerusalem which is divided by four quarters: The Jewish, Armenian, Christian, and Muslim quarter. All quarters were unique beyond those walls. I visit the sea of Galilee (where Jesus walked), mount of temptation (where Jesus was tempted by the Devil), the last supper room in the old city of Jerusalem, Jordan river, and the Dead sea (the lowest point of the earth). The dead sea was a dope experience. Tips when visiting the dead sea:

-Wear lots of sunblock as it is extremely HOT!

-Do not take your shoes off until you get closer to the water, the sand is HOT!

-Be prepared for the bugs, unfortunately this is something that I couldn’t prevent

-Avoid getting water in you eyes and mouth (the water is extremely salty, no fish nor plants can survive in the dead sea, that tells you a lot!)

-There ground is pretty muddy in the water, so be prepared. The mud has a lot of minerals that is good for your skin so lather yourself in the mud, your skin will feel soft as ever!

-It is easier to catch a photo like mine below if you are a expert at floating 🙂

They have showers so you can wash off afterwards. There is a nice “lowest point bar “to get drinks.