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I stayed in Cuba for 8 days, four days in Havana and the other four days in a small city called Trinidad (No, not Trinidad and Tobago). Trinidad is a four hour taxi ride away from Havana. Cuba was super cheap & everyone was super friendly! They have the best pina coladas hands down! I went during carnival month in Cuba which is a huge street festival. Trinidad was very different from Havana in the sense that it was more rural and less fluttered with tourists. While out in Trinidad I went to a party in the cave (super dope experience), I went horseback riding to the waterfalls (4 hour long experience on the horse, lets just say that by the time I came off the horse my legs were killing me! I also learned how to make sugar cane juice from scratch. I was able to donate toiletries and school supplies to the children in Trinidad. There is limited to no service in Cuba therefore, we had to use wifi cards. You had to pay for the amount of hours you need it for as well as find a wifi tower which were very limited. It was a hassle because even with the wifi card I barely had any service. This did not bother me at all because I liked the thought of being disconnected from the world to fully enjoy myself.

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